How to Repair Stucco, DIY Tips

Stucco is an important and popular building material that’s been used in the construction of buildings nowadays. It is created of an aggregate, binder, and water which is applied wet and hardens to a solid form. Buildings or homes that are applied with stucco can last for a hundred years if stucco is applied in the right way. If you already noticed a crack then you should immediately fix the damage before it collapses.

Stucco repair is easier than matching and colors. As long as you follow the right yips or guides and take into consideration the important facts then you can easily make the repair job properly.

Step 1

You should check to be ensured about how the stucco is applied since the stucco application is usually done in different ways. 

Step 2

This time, you should check the direction of the crack and the extent of the damage. It would be better to consult a foundation expert to see if there might be a problem with the foundation. It is imperative to do other necessary repairs (if found) on the building or home before the stucco repair. Most of the stucco damage is caused by the infiltration of water into the building through the roof, chimney or any opening where excess water can pass. 

Step 3

After finding the damage, you should determine what stucco repair needs to be done. If the stucco crack is much less than 1/8 inch wide then you can spot it up with a siliconized acrylic caulk at two different periods. The 2nd coating needs to be done numerous days after the initial to make sure it is currently dry. For larger fractures, you need to use the concrete stucco combination you created. If you are unable to carry out stucco repair you need to employ a professional to do the job.

Also, in performing the stucco repair, you should not do it on a sunny day because when the stucco quickly dries up it is not as durable as you would want it to be. Another thing is to make sure to wet the edges of the existing stucco before patching up and applying a new coat. Whitewashing stucco makes the stucco more durable.

However, stucco repair is easy as long as you have enough knowledge in doing it and got the patient to wait for the right time to do the second or final coating. Consider all the tips mentioned above for it can definitely help you perform the stucco repair the right way.

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