Creating a Man Cave – DIY

Who doesn’t need his own space? What better place to make into your man cave than a garage?

We will show you how to turn what is probably already your own territory into a place where you can hide or go for some peace and quiet. A room that will help you decompress and just chill.

Laying a Subfloor

The first step after clearing out the garage space that you’re going to turn into your man cave is to lay the subfloor. 

Frame the Walls​

Next, you’ll need to be sure that you frame the walls so that you can add insulation. This will help with weather-related hot and cold. In addition, it will help with sound-proofing your man cave, depending on what you’ll be having in the “cave”. 

Insulate the Walls

Again, adding insulation is key to making your room warm in winter and cool in the hotter months. In addition to keeping a nice temperature, insulation will help with sound-proofing the room.

Add Electric​ To Your Man Cave

Clearly, if your garage doesn’t have electricity run to code, you need to be sure your run enough electric to have outlets at least on every wall. You’ll additionally want to make sure you run sufficient to have sufficient lights for whatever it is you’re going to require illumination for.

Adding Drywall

Now it’s time to start really making this look the man cave you’ve always wanted. You will need to add drywall to the walls. Drywall comes in 4×8 pieces, so measure the room and get what you’ll need. Remember to measure the ceiling.

Mudding the Drywall

This time, you’ll need to mud all of it. Again, this is something that can be done alone, but if you are unable to perform into this section, then you should get assistance from an expert – someone who has done this before. You have to sand and mud, sand and mud. Be sure you have to know what you’re doing.​

Painting Your Man Cave

First, you will need to get a primer- white primer. After the drywall mud is completely dry, you are ready to prime and paint the walls. Priming aids you need to repaint fewer layers on the walls. The drywall has a tendency to suck up the paint. Adding a guide first will conserve your money and time. If you are in the Phoenix Arizona area, we recommend for putting that final touch on your man cave.

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